Phillips 66® X/C® 25W-60 ***Case/4 Gal

$115.65 / Case (4 Gal)
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X/C 25W-60 is the first and only multiviscosity aviation oil approved for radial engines originally designed to run on Commercial Grade 120. It meets the SAE J1899 specification Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletin 1183 Revision U and QPL-D07L1 - 25W-60. X/C 25W-60 offers immediate benefits over single-grade oils: improved oil flow at startup, quicker warm-up time, cooler operating temperatures, a cleaner operating engine and more. X/C 25W-60 also has proven corrosion protection in extreme conditions.

X/C 25W-60 can be used year-round, during break-in and through TBO.

Radial engines originally designed to run on 120 grade

Key Benefits:
•Our premium aviation piston engine oil
•Contains ashless dispersant additive chemistry
•Unmatched year-round performance
•Great for use from break-in to TBO
•Clean engine operation, low oil consumption and low engine wear
•Easier starts and better oil flow

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