Phillips 66® Type A 100AD

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Phillips 66 Type A 100AD is a premium single-grade oil designed for opposed piston aircraft engines that call for SAE 50 or Commercial Grade 100 oils. Formulated to provide cleaner engine operation, Type A 100AD has the same high-quality, ashless dispersant (AD) additive chemistry found in X/C® aviation oils.

The finest petroleum mineral base oils help lower oil consumption and protect engines from excessive wear and piston scuffing. They also provide excellent corrosion protection.

All opposed piston engines where the pilot prefers use of a single-grade engine oil (SAE 50 or Commercial Grade 100).

Key Benefits:
•Unprecedented single-grade protection
•Contains the same ashless dispersant additive chemistry as X/C oils
•Clean engine operation, low oil consumption and low engine wear
•Can be used from break-in to TBO
•High viscosity index rating and low pour point properties
•Victory 100AW is pre-blended with Lycoming LW-16702

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