Phillips 66® Type M 20W-50

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Type M is recommended for use as a break-in oil for newly overhauled aircraft engines. Type M is generally used by engine overhaul and repair shops for the initial run-in of aircraft piston engines. Type M 20W-50 is designed for owners and pilots who want the performance of a multiviscosity, mineral-based piston engine aviation oil without dispersant additives.

Type M meets SAE J1966 as well as military specification MIL-6082 for aviation oils. Type M contains the same high-quality base oils and viscosity index improvers found in X/C aviation oils for improved cold-temperature starts and quick lubrication, while also offering high-temperature and high-load operations capabilities. For maximum protection after the break-in period, consider using our X/C 20W-50 ashless dispersant aviation oil.

Break-in oil for overhauled engines

Key Benefits:
•Exceptional performance for engine run-in and break-in when a non-additized mineral oil is preferred
•No dispersant additives
•Quick lubrication and improved cold temperature starts versus single-grade products

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