Phillips 66® Anti-Rust Oil 20W-50 ***Case/4 Gal

$135.66 / Case (4 Gal)
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Aviation Anti-Rust Oil is formulated to help preserve aircraft piston engines during periods of inactivity. Airframe manufacturers have used it for many years as "Fly Away Oil" for new aircraft. Aviation Anti-Rust Oil is engineered to help prevent rust and corrosion in aircraft engines scheduled to sit idle for extended periods.

•Meets the SAE J1966 specification and military specifications MIL-C-6529-C and MIL-L-6082-E.
•Typical uses include winter-stored engines and rebuilt engines not immediately returned to service. The product may also be used as a limited-time break-in oil not to exceed 10 hours during normal use.
•When using as a supplement, replace up to 10% of your normal crankcase fill with Aviation Anti-Rust Oil.

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